WHS After-School Drama Club

for Years 3 to 6

The Arts Place Acting & Performance Skills Drama Club is a unique opportunity for children in Year 3 and Year 5 at Wimbledon High School to work with industry professionals to develop their acting and performance skills.

With classes in voice, movement, improvisation, building a character using props and costume, singing and stage craft; children will develop their talents as performers, as well as building their confidence and stage presence.

Children will learn to:

  • Perform with confidence
  • Use their imagination
  • Find their voice
  • Express themselves
  • Work together

Every term we will:

  • Devise pieces of drama using their imaginations
  • Rehearse scripted pieces
  • Work on voice exercises – projection, articulation, expression
  • Play drama games
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Learn theatre skills – using props and costume
  • Have lots of fun!

After-School Club at WHS!

From: 3:30pm to 5pm every Thursday

Where: Wimbledon High School

For: Students in Year 3 & Year 5

Coming Soon!

From: 3:30pm to 5pm every Tuesday

Where: Wimbledon High School

For: Students in Year 4 & Year 6