NHEHS After-School Drama Club

for Year 5

The Arts Place is proud to run the after-school drama club programme at Notting Hill & Ealing Junior School.

Our actor-led drama club is energetic, dynamic and full of creativity. Through the use of exercises and techniques that we as actors use in the rehearsal room, we are dedicated to building confidence and helping children to find their voice, while encouraging them to engage imaginatively with the world around them.

Children learn to:

  • Perform with confidence
  • Use their imagination
  • Find their voice
  • Express themselves
  • Work together

Every term we:

  • Devise pieces of drama using their imaginations
  • Rehearse scripted pieces
  • Work on voice exercises – projection, articulation, expression
  • Play drama games
  • Develop their communication skills
  • Learn theatre skills – using props and costume
  • Have lots of fun!

“The children love their weekly Drama Club sessions. They particularly enjoyed the challenge of putting on a performance to their peers at the end of the term. Everyone pulled together and the resulting production, which was imaginative and of a high standard, was clearly very much owned by everyone in the group.”

Deputy Head, Notting Hill & Ealing Junior School

After-School Club at NHEHS!

From: 3:20pm to 4:30pm every Friday

Where: Notting Hill & Ealing Junior School, Ealing

For: Students in Year 5

Devising drama at Drama Summer Camp 2014!